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The original voice of ‘mind the gap’ returns to London Underground 12 years after his death. The voice was instantly familiar to anyone who travelled on the Tube. «Mind the gap, please!» it said. Oswald Laurence was the name of the man who recorded an announcement heard daily by tens of thousands of people for decades. Now the original recording of ‘mind the gap’ by Oswald Laurence, is now back playing in Embankment Tube Station. But to one woman, that voice had a deeper and far more poignant significance. His wife used to hear it when she travelled through Embankment station anonymous among the 4 million a day who also use the Underground. Long after Mr. Laurence died 12 years ago at the age of 80, she reportedly found comfort from hearing his voice on the loudspeakers, and would sit on a platform bench to hear him.

Unfortunately, times changed. Instead of the reassuring sound of her husband, progress eventually inflicted on the commuting public a computer generated recording that felt it necessary to add that the ‘gap’ was ‘between the platform and the train’. Until now, that is. Because someone with a heart at Transport For London reintroduced the late Mr Laurence to Embankment station in response to a plea from his widow. She wrote to TFL bosses explaining the gap it had left in her life when his voice reached the end of the line — and won them over. TFL put a copy of the announcement on a CD and sent it to his widow. Then it got rid of the nasty computer voice and gave nice Mr. Laurence the stage once again. Now he can be heard in all his glory on the Northern Line at Embankment. Nigel Holness, London Underground Director, said: ‘Transport for London were approached by the widow of Oswald Laurence to see whether she could get a copy of the iconic Mind the Gap announcement her husband made over 40 years ago. We were very touched by her story, so staff tracked down the recording and not only were they able to get a copy of the announcement on CD for her to keep but also worked to restore the announcement at Embankment station..

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  1. This story touched me. I think that is very inspiring story, that tell us about the power of love. This old lady loved her husband so much that she comes every day just to hear his voice again and again. I was very upset when I saw her crying when she found out that the voice of her lovely husband is going to be replaced by someone else. But kind people gave her a CD of his recorded voice. This video show us that love is the most powerful thing in the world and everybody can be inspired by it.

  2. After watching this short film, I realized that love can live even when the person is not around, but actually he is always with you in heart. This film touched me deeply, because love between two people was so sincere, real, eternal and faithful…
    The main idea of this film is that love never dies, it lives forever. Every day the wife of Oswald Laurence came to the subway, sat on the bench to hear the voice of her husband on speakerphone. His voice was so her native, warm, calming. When she heard his voice, which declared: ‘Mind the gap, please!’, then Oswald was as if beside her and she immediately blossomed into a smile, she felt good, warm at heart. But once the voice was replaced by another. And for her it was a blow. As if torn a particle of of her heart. Their love was so strong that even the death of her husband had not separated them…
    This film teaches us to appreciate loved ones, to love them, to be always near them, because when they leave, we will think about them and regret that they spent very little time. I very much liked movie! Makes you think a lot. Thank you very much for this wonderful film!

  3. This film teaches us true love. Never forget the dear man. Appreciate every moment spent with this man. After all, when he’s around, we do not really appreciate every moment spent with this man. We are always something to make plans for the future, in a hurry. This was our way of life. We are always in a hurry. Enough! Let’s live in the present. Let’s appreciate the native people. After all, we never know when they will not. Maybe today, may be tomorrow … This film is about Margaret, who came every day on the subway, to listen to one sentence: «Mind the Gap»This phrase is spoken of her husband, who died long ago. Not to much to feel lonely. but once the voice of her husband, she was replaced by another. The film ended with her sitting at home listening to the voice of her husband’s record.
    And the last thing I want to say, this value every second of his life. Appreciate and cherish their loved ones

  4. I think this film says about the big and pure love. This woman really loved her husband, and she spared their time to come in the subway and listen to his voice. Love has no boundaries. Sometimes you don’t appreciate your family and loved ones, there are quarrels, scandals… But when this person disappears from your life, you realize how he was to you. Therefore, we need to appreciate and respect their loved ones.
    Borovkova Irina, group 2421

  5. The story of a woman, who believes, waiting and hoping. Many years have passed, but the thread of love with her husband is not cut off. For several years, she came to the station to hear his voice over the loudspeaker.
    She is alone, but at the same time it with him.
    Maybe his voice gives her the strength to live.
    This is a very touching story. I would like to have this life story was an example of the current generation!

    Pak Diana, 2421 group

  6. Konkina Anastasia, 2421
    Common to all. Special for her. After her husband’s death, the only place where she could feel him alive again, was a metro station. Сoming back to it every time with trembling waiting for the moment of «Mind the Gap Please», again to «feel him beside me». We need to take care of people’s favorite, appreciate every moment with them. Because time not forever.

  7. This video is very romantic and touching. To my mind it is an excellent example of how love should be. Love is something that warms our whole life and now it is so rarely to see people who really love each other until old age and afraid to lose each other. In this video the woman feels the deepest pain in her heart…she tries to fill the void…A death of loved ones is a terrible tragedy in the life of any person. I`m strongly believe that when she hears the voice of her husband, her soul is basking by good memories of a happy life with her husband. Memories is only our consolation. As long as we remember the person, this person lives in our heart. I hope that in the world there are still people who are able to love as this woman loves her deceased husband. Love makes our world better. We must remember it!

  8. The main idea of this film, in my opinion, is love, that never dies. With regard to this wonderful and touching movie, I think, this woman is experiencing severe emotional pain, she can’t spend a single day without hearing the voice of a loved one. While watching this film I cried, because I always admired Platonic love. As I admire this woman, she was able to withstand the death of her husband, it is very difficult, I’m sure, that the loss of a loved one the worst thing, that can happen to people.
    Anna Ovchinnikova, group 2421.

  9. This short film tells about never ending and true love. I think that find the person with whom you will be happy until the end of your days is not easy, but it is more expensive than any treasure.In the video woman ,which lost her husband 12 years ago, goes every day to the subway station to listen one phraze which voiced her husband. When she hear his voice and imagined him beside yourself then she started to smile. Even after that loved ones died the memories continue to live. In conclusion, I want to say that without love life would be not possible and we need to appreciate every moment that we spent with loved ones.

  10. I think, this film exemplified for the younger generation. The film teaches them to appreciate, respect and love people who near you.
    The musics, games, photos, helps to remember your best time for your life. This moment you will always keep in mind.
    The main character comes to the station every day to hear the voice, her deceased husband, which declared the arrival of trains. On the way to the train station, she listens the street musician. It reminded her youth and love for a husband.

    But all finishes and her voice replaced by another. Despite this, she is correct memory her husband and she is carry away the disk with his voice at home.
    Her feeling is true and sincere. I consider every person must aspire to this.

  11. Difficult to express an opinion.You just feel someone stranger pain and joy!
    I burst into tears then I looked this video!It’s such a touching story with a sad music!These loving eyes which want to hear the native voice!This lady lost her husband but love in her heart is still and will love!It is a perfect example of true love❤️

  12. This video is very romantic and sad at the same time.
    Love — the feeling characteristic of a person, a deep attachment to another person. This video shows what affection, what a real, sincere love. True love never dies, it will always live in our hearts. This woman has a very strong character, she suffered a terrible loss. This is a terrible tragedy! This woman fills a void in the heart of love for her husband and memories. It warms her heart. I believe that the meaning of life — love. We live for love, and without love there is no point.

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