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Over the past fifty years, there has been significant variation in the percentage of young people in the UK who choose to eat a vegetarian diet.

In 1960, only a small percentage of adolescents (about 1 percent) were vegetarian. There was then a steep increase until 1978, when over 15 per cent were following a vegetarian diet. Thereafter, the percentage fell steadily until 1990 and then fluctuated for a decade. It reached a low point of just 4 per cent in 1996. It has risen gradually since 2000 and is expected to continue to do so over the next few years. After reaching a high point in around 2015, it is projected to decline again and possibly level off by the decade’s end.

Overall, the graph shows two main periods of interest in vegetarianism among young people in the UK : one peaking around 1978 and the second projected to peak approximately forty years later, in 2015.